ANC Houses For Sale Limassol Cyprus

A renovation can entail several tasks, of different level of complexity and difficulty, that can transform and modernize a building. In addition a renovation can involve repairing and restoring existing elements of a building internally or externally. Also, in other cases remodeling the existing structure by adding or removing elements, altering the overall structure.

Among the many benefits a good renovation can offer, it can also restore or even raise the value of a building, helping it to gain market edge.  At An. Christou Properties we offer excellent quality of work and standards with competitive prices!

We want to ensure we capture your renovation dream, which means we draw every detail. By the end of the design phase you have a realistic view of your homes potential.

Book a meeting with us, let us know what you want and relax from home knowing you your job is in safe hands.


ANC Houses For Sale Limassol Cyprus

Our Development and Construction company is one of the most experienced in Cyprus with 35 years of experience.

We have an exceptional team of specialist that works really hard to provide the best result in every single project. As a result, the key element for every project is to offer excellent quality of work and standards with competitive prices.


For the past 35 years ANC Christou Properties has earned a reputation for producing consistent, high-quality results for every project. ANC Christou has the experience and equipment to perform each project quickly, safely and cost-efficiently.

Our Company Philosophy and Our Experienced People
We take pride in our diverse, family friendly, work environment. Also, we have experienced expert project managers and excellent operators and construction staff.
ANC Houses For Sale Limassol Cyprus